01. An [exhibition] of works by Leonardo da Vinci drew thousands of visitors to the museum.
02. The Royal British Columbia Museum features beautiful [exhibits] of native Indian artwork.
03. The most important [exhibit] in the murder trial was a bloody knife with the suspect's fingerprints on it.
04. She is an artist who has [exhibited] her works in Paris and New York.
05. The father [exhibited] a total lack of understanding for the stress his child was feeling.
06. While I was travelling in Italy, I saw a wonderful [exhibit] of paintings by Marc Chagall.
07. We saw a wonderful [exhibition] of Mexican folk dancing at last week's cultural presentation.
08. I went to the gallery because there was an [exhibit] of paintings by an artist that I admire.
09. Gandhi once said that a coward is incapable of [exhibiting] love.
10. Glen Van Ekeren once observed that creative people [exhibit] a continuous discontent with uniformity.
11. An African lion was [exhibited] in the United States for the first time on November 26, 1716.
12. In many countries, men and women rarely [exhibit] signs of affection in public.
13. To [exhibit] respect when speaking to another person in Fiji, you should stand with your arms folded behind your back.
14. Although the leading causes of death for men and women are identical, men [exhibit] higher death rates.
15. The patient has been [exhibiting] symptoms of chest pain, and shortness of breath, and must be closely monitored at all times.
16. Scientists have discovered that many animals [exhibit] strange behaviors before earthquakes.
17. The singer Madonna once stated, "All entertainers are [exhibitionists], admitted or not."
18. The museum has put on a number of excellent [exhibitions] of native art and culture over the last few years.
19. The music of Vivaldi [exhibits] the stylistic changes of the early to mid-1700s.

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